Bank Partner

Retain your customers

Bank Partner



1.  Protect: Your customer’s depository relationship

2.  Increase: Your banks fee income with each lease/loan we fund.

3.  Reduce: Risk to the bank by allowing us to provide financing to underperforming customers.

4.  Provide:  Well needed capital to customers otherwise declined for a loan by the bank.

5.  Guide: Your customer through the unfamiliar waters of leasing. All of our team members have a minimum 15 years experience in finance, leasing, documentation and asset based lending.

6.  Manage: Cash flow with the use of Alliance’s flexible terms including quarterly, annual  or seasonal payment schedules.

7.  Create: Stronger ratios and  balance sheets for your customers via the use of our true operating leases and other structured loan products.

Our Bank Leasing Model

Our bank leasing model was carefully conceived by its founder, a Certified Leasing Professional, with 25 years financial services experience with leading North American based banking organizations. Alliance Capital provides the most comprehensive bank leasing program in the nation. Our bank leasing product helps you cross-sell a valuable financial service, which enhances your customer retention by protecting bank relationships and expanding depository opportunities.

Alliance Capital is a direct funder and servicer, which provides your bank with the opportunity to manage credit exposure while simultaneously generating a new source of fee income. The unique combination of our human and financial resources defines how Alliance Capital differentiates itself from the competition and provides the Alliance Advantage® for you and your bank customers.

Our proprietary banking service allows your organization to strategically offer an equipment leasing product and arms your bankers with a cross-selling tool to offer your existing customer base.  The Alliance Advantage®program provides up to $150,000 in equipment financing based on a one page credit profile – no tax returns or financial statements required. The target is the bank’s business customers and provides them with a product to increase their revenue base while providing your bank with an option to preserve capital.

What We Offer

  • Financing of new or used equipment up to $20,000,000
  • Application only: No tax returns or financial statements required under $350,000
  • Operating leases, capital leases & finance agreements.
  • Sale leasebacks & refinancing
  • A/R & Inventory financing & working capital


Recent Approvals

Texas Oil Field Servicing Company • $3.1 million refinance of existing equipment loans & leases • Allowed customer to significantly reduce debt expense over the next 60 months because loan balances refinanced were significantly less than the original loans.

Illinois Commercial Airline • $10.2 million sale leaseback of aircraft owned free and clear • Loan will provide the company with working capital to purchase additional aircraft allowing them to avoid the cumbersome rules and regulations of financing used aircraft at time of purchase.

Indiana Trucking Company • $2.3 million loan • Proceeds used to refinance approximately $500,000 in term debt as well as $1.8 million to provide working capital secured by tractors, trailers at LTV of 70% orderly liquidation value.

Nationwide Distributor (to the convenience store industry) • $385,000 for juice and ice machines with equipment at multiple locations across the United States • Quarterly payments.

Oregon Manufacturer • $310,000 EFA for used CNC type machinery • 4 separate loans were approved on our “Application Only” program over a 6 month period • Their bank denied a request for only $100,000 due to concerns with the equipment and business ratios • Alliance Capital was confident in their business plan and equipment values.

Wisconsin Dairy Farm • $250,000 equipment lease for a liquid manure pumping system. The company boasted revenues just under $20,000,000 but was losing money • The new equipment will eliminate the expense of outside contractors and help them return to profitability.

California based Production Company • $188,000 for HD video editing equipment on a 36 month capital lease • The lease was approved on our “Application Only” program thus no financial statements or tax returns were submitted for approval.

Maryland Motel • $50,000 equipment lease for mattresses • 60 month term, one payment in advance • The customer’s bank and two leasing companies had declined the credit request.

Pennsylvania Landscape Contractor • $45,000 for two twenty-five year old pieces of yellow iron and snow plowing equipment • The customer was highly leveraged, so Alliance structured the loan by securing two dump trucks as extra collateral to make it work for all parties.