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Vendor Partner

Who is Alliance Capital?

A New Standard in Performance For Vendors Whose Resources Have Been Held Back Long Enough

  • Over 200 years of collective experience in equipment leasing
  • Fastest growing independent equipment leasing company in America
  • One of the largest captive lessors in the world
  • Multi-million dollar portfolio
  • “Best Practices” mentality from having served thousands of vendors

ACC Vendor Services . . . What Will We Do For You?

  • Serve as your dedicated partner in providing leasing solutions for transactions primarily under $350,000
  • Designate specialized professional to interact with you and your customers
  • Create efficient processes through customized automation
  • Incorporate a comprehensive lease training program to enhance your sales opportunities

Although we concentrate on transactions under $350,000, we will do the larger transaction to accommodate our vendors.

The designated team refers to a group of individuals from the president to customer service representatives that we think of as a ladder of people who will all interact at various levels of your organization.  As a designated team, we will have a common objective to ensure goal congruity in meeting high quality service levels for your customers.

Customized automation takes ACC processes and tailors components to meet the individual needs of the vendor.

Our Lease Training Program comes in a series of modules giving your sales representatives a competitive edge.  Today, your sales staff is well versed in offering equipment solutions; our goal is to enhance their knowledge in providing finance solutions so that they can be a Total Sales Representative.

What Issues and Trends Are You Facing in Your Market Today?

  • Competition for market share continues
  • Shorter sales cycle becomes a necessity
  • Margin erosion continues
  • Sell more products and services at higher margins
  • Manage customer base
  • Give customers opportunity to leverage equipment purchase
  • Pre-determine the product life-cycle cost of ownership
  • Use lessor technology to maximize financial options
  • Alternative to paying cash

For a managed customer base, you control your customer by having them on a lease agreement.  A good visual example may be if a customer pays cash, it is the same as putting a “For Sale” sign around their neck advertising one customer for sale.  The customer is open to competitors and not controlled by your sales staff.

Giving customers opportunity to leverage equipment purchase simply refers to maximizing their return on an investment dollar.

Use lessor technology to maximize financial options – Essentially customers today want to know immediately what it takes to upgrade or add-on to a lease schedule.  Technology plays a critical role to provide the customer information, which results in the superior service, and information about their capital expenditures.

How Will ACC Help You Sell More Products at a Higher Margin?
With Our Compelling Sales Proposition!

  • People-ACC designates a vendor specific team of leasing professionals which allows for direct communication access (one-on-one contact) with internal and external customers
  • Process-ACC has a reputation as a company that is “easy to do business with”
  • By adhering to ourPerformance Guaranty, ACC will maintain quality service expectations required by vendors for their customers
  • Proprietary computer system specifically designed and implemented to meet demands of the small ticket market (Vendor Express)
  • Customized Automation allows ACC to meet vendor specific criteria in lease products, documentation and reporting

The ACC Vendor Team includes:

  • Account Executive: Interfaces with Vendor identifying products, services and needs to best penetrate and provide best solution.
  • Manager:  Oversees all issues regarding the vendor program
  • Program Account Representative: Main contact regarding lease sales questions and resolving customer issues.
  • Credit Analyst: Reviews applications and determines credit worthiness of lessee.
  • Customer Service Representative: Handles all documentation and customer follow-up once equipment has been installed.
  • The team manages all functions from quoting through active lease agreement until it is closed out.

“Competitive pressures in recent years have forced small ticket lessors…to develop sophisticated credit scoring models that provide credit decisions with little or no human intervention.” (Leader’s Equipment Leasing Newsletter)

Why Does ACC Focus On People, Process and Technology?
Because it is our belief that today’s vendors require…

  • Increased profitability
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Contact Point Resolution
  • Quicker approvals
  • Smooth and more accurate processing
  • More time to explore new sales opportunities

How will the ACC “flow” Work for You?

Ultimately our flow process shortens the sales cycle by getting the documentation to the lessee (your customer) for signature and subsequently gets payment to you in the shortest possible time frame.

What is ACC’s Performance Guaranty?

  • Two hour turnaround time on all complete credit applications up to $75,000, six hours for transactions of $75,000 to $150,000, and 24 hours for transactions $150,000 – $350,000.
  • Same-day funding when we receive complete documents and have verified equipment installation by 2:00 p.m. EST.
  • Immediate response to customer service inquiries, not to exceed four business hours.
  • ACC upgrade and buyout quotes will be made within two hours (most will be made immediately)

The ACC Performance Guaranty allows us to be measured which is very important to us as a world-class provider.  Thus, we have to live up to the standards that we commit to.  Our Performance Guaranty allows us to do that and we offer a payment of $100 for any service deficiency we have to an Alliance Advantage vendor partner.

What Does It All Mean?

Program Components Benefits for You Benefits for Your Customer
Full Menu of Financial Products Meets the needs of your customer Matches products with desired financial requirements
Dedicated Leasing Team Professionals intimately  Familiar with all aspects  of your business High quality customer services as an extension of vendor alliance
Performance Guaranty Security of consistent, quality attention for your customer “World Class” service
Open Lease Agreement  Ability to sell add-ons and upgrades  Easy upgrade path
Vendor Express Quick, automated technological solution Superior speed and service


…More Program Components:

Program Components Benefits for You Benefits for Your Customer
Asset-Based Tracking Tracks specific equipment Able to carve out equipment from lease schedule
ACC Utilize “best practices” of   the largest global captives Receives products and services that are second to none
Marketing Assistance New avenue of marketing resources Achieve a better understanding of Vendor’s products, services and programs
Teleservices Capabilities  Additional ability to communicate with customers  Able to take advantage of special promotions, products and incentives
Competitive Rates Able to offer customers cost-effective equipment financing Acquire the most product at the best price.


What Are the Next Steps?

  1. Review Allince Advantage vendor program proposal
  2. Agree on Vendor Program Components
  3. Enter into Vendor Program Agreement
  4. Establish Launch target dates
  5. Implement roll-out and training program

Vendor Alliance Proposal describes the dynamics of our leasing program including the process, Performance Guaranty, and other program details.

Vendor Program Components are those elements of the leasing program, which the vendor has to select in order to tailor the financing program.  These components include what lease products to offer, end of lease options and pricing matrix.

Vendor Program Agreement (VPA) is ACC’s easy and understandable agreement regarding the terms of the relationship.  What is unique about our VPA is that it is a bilateral arrangement, which indicates promises and terms to be adhered to by both ACC and the vendor.  It is not one way!

Launch date: In order to adequately prepare and introduce ACC’s vendor services program to the vendor sales representatives, the parties should agree on when to begin the program.

Rollout and Training: ACC will assist in the publicizing and initial training of utilizing leasing within the vendor’s sales process.  As previously mentioned, our lease training program includes a resource manual with user-friendly information which is accessible in providing answers to lease-related issues.