Why Lease?

There’s Nothing Like a Lease to Get a Business Growing

To stay ahead of the competition and make your company more profitable, you need the latest and best equipment available.  But can you afford it without putting undue financial pressure on your business?

Companies lease everything from printing presses to power plants, hay balers to helicopters and office copiers to offshore drilling rigs.  Eight out of ten companies – from mom and pop proprietorships to the Fortune 500 – have turned to leasing.

Leasing Says You Can!

Yes, you can – with leasing. A lease is easy to qualify for and can be tailored to meet specific needs, providing real cash-flow advantages without a major cash outlay. And a lease can put the equipment you need to work for you immediately.

  • Leasing provides 100% financing with reduced up-front cash outlay compared to other forms of financing.
  • Valuable lines of credit remain free for other uses.
  • Payments are usually lower than with other methods of financing, so you may actually be able to afford even more of today’s best cutting-edge equipment with leasing.
  • Unlike bank lines of credit with variable rates, lease payments are fixed – no matter what happens to the market tomorrow.

Leasing is one of the fastest-growing ways of financing equipment in business today, used by companies of every size to gain needed leverage for growth. They recognize that it doesn’t take huge resources to grow a business. Just big thinking about how to get where you want to be, faster, with a proven source of funding.

Our Leasing Services Are Matched to Your Needs

Low monthly payments and minimal up-front costs are great incentives for choosing to lease rather than another type of financing. But they’re not the only reasons to look seriously at leasing – with at Alliance Capital as your source.

With our highly evolved programs – proven over many years of service – you can get the equipment you need simply and quickly, without tapping your bank credit lines. Leasing preserves your borrowing power for other opportunities. And unlike some offerings, our programs – Express Lease and Commercial Lease – can be structured to fit your business needs. We offer a wide range of flexible payment plans, industry-specific programs and end-of-lease options to make sure our lease works its hardest for you.

With Alliance Capital’s dedicated team of leasing professionals, we make it quick and easy, too. Start to finish, we’re here for you for the life of your lease, offering fast response to every question and need.

Over the years, Alliance has helped companies large and small use leasing to meet their objectives and capitalize on a vast range of business-building opportunities. With our creative leasing solutions, we can do the same for you.